EL Falcon - 30th Anniversary GT specs:



There is no doubt in anybody's mind that this was the ultimate EL Falcon available from the factory - period.  Considering, it was not surprising in the least that all 250 cars built for Australia were snapped up even before the first car hit the deck - such was the demand left by the vacation of Australia's most revered spot in 1976 by the XB GT.  Only the rare EB GT of 1993 had dared fill the gap between - and sold out in similar record time.

Developed from the Fairmont Ghia rather than the more popular XR8, the EL GT received the first of Steve Park's controversial creations in the form of the highly disliked eleven slot grill (his second being the AU Falcon).  Still, it grew on you after a while (a very long while for some) but there was no warming period required for the rest of the package!  - Except maybe the motor - which by 1997 standards did not stand up to what most people expected of the GT signature - and certainly fell way behind even HSV's every day models.  It seems that Ford's "family car" specialists had had too heavy a hand in it's development again, much to the derision of most Ford fans.

Still, the EL GT was (and still is) one amazingly desirable piece of equipment with that sensationally wild body kit and wheels that are fitted to many a Ford fan modified Falcon even today.  Then there was that interior - one that would keep you drooling for hours, and was given pride of place along side show cars such as the Ford/Tickford modified "Sequential" XR8.  Technology was not forgotten for this latest edition GT - with a quick shifting "Adapt-a-shift" automatic gearbox and big brakes finding their way into a Falcon for the first time.  So was the EL GT really a GT?  - I think so - but certainly a one of a different measure - made with the street in mind rather than the race track.  As such, the ownership experience is perhaps the most enjoyable of all the GTs produced - unless of course a good drag race is in your plans!

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The 30th Anniversary GT contains all of the Fairmont Ghia's options plus:

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Full Specification Listing:



* Based on the USA built GT-40 5.0 litre V8 vs. the standard Falcon V8 being the USA built 'HO' 5.0 litre V8.  The engine was initially manufactured and imported from the Cleveland engine plant in the USA (yep - despite the V8 retaining it's 'Windsor' designation!) and rebuilt to the above specifications by Tickford Vehicle Engineering.

Other Items - GT-40 5.0 litre V8 vs. standard Falcon HO 5.0 litre V8.

(all dimensions in mm)
Valve head diameter
Valve Springs Compression
pressure Kg @ spec length mm:

Rocker arm ratio
Camshaft lobe lift

Falcon range 5.0L engine
(5.0 HO engine)
33.5 @ 45.2
95.5 @ 33.8
35.0 @ 40.6
990.5-102.5 @ 29.2

Falcon GT 5.0L engine
(5.0 GT-40 engine)
40.0 @ 45.2
127.0 @ 33.0
38.6 @ 40.6
120 @ 28.4


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