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General Comment: NC Fairlane GHIA                                                           (back to INDEX)

With the prices of these continuing to fall to where they are today, it is hard to say there is a better value vehicle on the road - anywhere, for inclusion of all the features you may want and more...  Especially for those long trips, touring around the country side with caravan in tow!

Yet back in 1994, the NC series II was barely any different to the Fairlane before it - save perhaps different wheels and that was about it...  Owners who fronted up to trade in their NC Fairmont Ghia on the new model must have been bitterly disappointed with the lack of change to say the least!  However, with the passage of time, and the NC (and NA) looking so good, perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing after all...  ABS brakes were now standard for only the second ever model in Fairlane history taking a leaf from Falcon lore.  

Finally, grey bumpers & body side protection mouldings were banished and the new wheels looked especially sumptuous - even so today, leaving no shame in those who desire to keep theirs standard.  So the changes - while minimal - were enough to endear just that little bit more class making finding a NC II particularly worthwhile and worth every extra penny you might pay.  Sure, the Fairlane might not have had IRS, but considering the absolute abortion that called the rear of the Statesman home, that wasn't particularly a bad thing...

Unlike the Fairmont Ghia, the Fairlane Ghia retained it's semi-digital dash which is a good thing or bad thing depending on what your opinion was of this particular feature.  Thankfully the standard Fairlane with it's stainless steel hub-cap assisted black steel wheels was a thing of the past and the Fairlane Ghia became the one-stop-shop with everything in it...

With the NC II being the last Fairlane between 1994(5) & the AU of 1998 to retain it's own front quarters & bonnet - as well as missing out on the NF & NL's door actuator problems and poor headlights, it could be argued that the NC II was in fact the better car when compared to the later models, having to go a full four years forward to get a car that actually made sufficient headway in all these areas...

GM direct rival:  Statesman.

Current Condition & Buying Tips:

There is no doubting the NC II Fairlane Ghia - like every 1994 model - ain't getting any younger!  Subsequently the advice is buyer beware as a second rate example can quickly set you back more than the car is worth with head gasket and gearbox repairs - along with a whole lot of extra stuff (i.e. technology) to deal with.  - Not that the luxury touches were particularly troublesome, just that if you are buying a Fairlane Ghia for it's extra equipment you had better want to make sure it all still works as you had hoped!

Above: The NC II looked a treat in Cobalt blue with optional 'touring' sports suspension & 16" wheels...unfortunately, all too few left the factory this way...

Avoid cars that look like they have not been looked after (although much rarer to find in abused condition than the Falcon variants) and be prepared to pay a little extra & spend a little more time looking for owners who have looked after their car like it should have been.  Remember, towing heavy loads as well as taking the boat down to the beach have tended to be a favourite past-time of some Fairlane owners so beware as rust is beginning to become an issue, especially in a car of this age!

Fortunately for the Fairlane Ghia, there are probably more owners who paid them their due respect than any of the cheaper models - so finding a good one shouldn't be all too difficult.  Still, the owner's passion for their car should show easily as they walk you round it - as well as in the overall general condition.  Pay particular attention to coolant condition, presence and change routines - as well as gearbox condition as these are both particular weak points for any pre-AU OHC Falcon or Fairlane 6 cylinder / 4 speed auto.

Finding an example with good head & tail lights is especially important, with quality replacements harder to find than your typical Falcon for reason of rarity alone.  Watch out for poor quality interior mods or left-over holes from removed big-bore stereo systems (a favourite of the younger set) and avoid cars that have not been properly maintained by owners who simply want to drive...and never fix anything (the repair bill can very quickly add up)!  Check for leather condition before buying (if specified) as it is not nearly as hardy as some of the lesser cloth based interior choices.


If history is anything to go by, the NC II (and any late model Fairlane for that matter) has a long way to go before it approaches anything truly representative of collectability so to speak.  However, with the Fairlane name will always be endeared a certain sort of uniqueness that will keep owners coming back time and time again - for certainly as far as Ford's in Australia and luxury go, only the LTD can lay claim to exceeding it...

Now if any Fairlane is special, one with a 5.0L V8, sunroof, sports ( 'touring' )suspension or 16" wheels - has just got to be the bees knees with rarity on it's side in spades!  Not that a standard Fairlane Ghia was a bad thing either...

NC Fairlane GHIA vs. ED Fairmont GHIA - what you got extra:

  • Auto self levelling rear suspension.

  • Larger boot capacity (481L vs. Falcon Sedan's 453L)

  • Limited Slip Differential standard.

  • Hood ornament.

  • Door ajar outline diagram on dash.

  • Ash-tray and cigar illumination for back seat passengers.

  • Leather trimmed centre consol (vs. bare plastic in Falcon).

NC II Fairlane GHIA vs. NC Fairlane GHIA:

  • Body coloured bumper uppers & body side protection moulding.

  • Different wheels.

  • Hood ornament.

  • Leather wrapped steering wheel.

Price When NEW:

4.0L sedan $39,806, 5.0L sedan $42,454.  
ED Fairmont Ghia Wagon no longer available.

The TBF challenge: 
While these were the 'official' specifications listed by Ford for the NC II Fairlane GHIA, the occasional 'escapee' did get out with things that were not supposed to be available - fitted from new!  If you think you have such a car, we want to hear about it - and encourage you to post details HERE...

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Six Cylinder (standard):

  • 4.0L SOHC straight six, cast-iron block, alloy cylinder head.
  • Duplex chain drive / 2 valves per cylinder.
  • Power: 148kW @ 4500 rpm.
  • Torque: 348Nm @3750 rpm.
  • Displacement: 3984cc.
  • Bore x Stroke - 92.26 x 99.3mm.
  • Compression Ratio - 8.8:1.
  • Fuel System - Multi-point fuel injection controlled by EEC 4 (ECU).
  • Fuel Type - Regular ULP.
  • Alloy Rocker cover / pressed steel sump.
  • Multi-Vee accessory drive belt.
  • Viscous hub cooling fan.
  • Dual Fuel LPG option (Tickford Fitted) NA - available only on 4.0L auto GLi sedans...not on Fairmont GHIA (according to Ford's brochure anyway)
  • Optional sump guard & removable insect screen on radiator.
  • Chrome exhaust tip.

Vee Eight (optional):

  • 5.0L V8 optional.
  • OHV push-rod vee-eight, cast-iron block & cylinder heads.
  • 2 valves per cylinder.
  • Power: 165kW @ 4500 rpm.
  • Torque: 388Nm @3000 rpm.
  • Displacement: 4942cc.
  • Bore x Stroke - 101.6 x 76.2mm.
  • Compression Ratio - 9.0:1.
  • Fuel System - Multi-point SEQUENTIALLY operated fuel injection controlled by EEC 4 (ECU).
  • Fuel Type - Regular ULP.
  • Pressed steel rocker covers & sump.
  • Micro-vee (serpentine) accessory drive belt.
  • Viscous hub cooling fan.
  • Optional sump guard & removable insect screen on radiator.
  • Stainless steel exhaust on V8s (chrome exhaust tip on all Fairmont Ghia's - both 4.0 & 5.0 variants).

* FORUM: What engine issues have you had with your NC Fairlane and how have you solved them?  Discuss it here !
How satisfied have you been with your NA / NC 4.0L's performance & economy?  Discuss it here!
* FORUM: What has been the most effective modification done to your NC Fairlane's motor?  Discuss it here!
* FORUM: Fairlane engines on LPG, what have been your experiences (good or bad)?  Discuss it here!

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  • Fuel tank capacity - 68L (sedan - plastic tank)

  * The following table represents figures submitted by Ford in it's NC II Fairlane Ghia brochure printed March 1994.

Engine / Transmission / Body Style

City Cycle (L/100km)

Highway Cycle (L/100km)

4.0L automatic Fairlane GHIA sedan
5.0L automatic Fairlane GHIA sedan



  * FORUM: What fuel economy do you get?  Did Ford's figures represent real world data?  Discuss it here!

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  • 5 speed manual NOT AVAILABLE in NC Fairlane GHIA.
  • 4 speed automatic standard including:
    • electronically controlled.
    • Lock up torque converter.
    • Normal & Economy modes with mode indicator light on dashboard.
    • Overdrive 4th gear.
    • Gearbox oil cooler recommended for towing.
    • 1200kg standard towing capacity - can be increased to 2300kg with the appropriate towing hitch, transmission oil cooler.
    • Standard 100,000km service intervals, OR 50,000km if towing regular or heavy loads (dependant on the condition of the transmission, this may be required more often than this.
    • Column shift auto not available in Fairlane GHIA.

Right: Ford's own ED advertising brochures included this picture (being an auxiliary gearbox oil cooler) with these words printed directly underneath:  

"Transmission oil cooler.  Helps avoid overheating and possible transmission damage.  Essential for towing with auto transmissions."            You've been warned!

* FORUM: Had a good / bad experience with the Falcon's 4 speed auto?  Share it here!
* FORUM: Thinking of converting from an auto to a manual?  Discuss it here!


  • Rear Wheel Drive.
  • Single piece driveshaft.
  • Aluminium tubular construction.

 * FORUM: Had a good / bad experience with the Falcon's tail shaft? Share it here!


  • Limited Slip Differential standard.

 * FORUM:  Considering a ratio change or been there, done that?  Which ratio works best for you? Discuss it here!
 * FORUM:  How do you rate Ford's factory LSD?  Have you had any work done on yours & how much did it cost?  Discuss it here!

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  • Power assisted four-wheel disc brakes.
  • Front - 287mm dia ventilated discs.
             - cast iron single piston caliper (equalizing sliders).
  • Rear -  287 mm dia solid discs.
            -  aluminum single piston caliper with integral 
               hand brake mechanism.
  • Dash mounted hand brake pull (left side of steering wheel).
  • ABS brakes standard (four sensor, three channel).
  • Taking up the 2300kg rated tow-pack also saw heavy-duty brake pads fitted.

Right: image showing routing and circuits included when ABS is selected as a option.

* FORUM: How have the NC II's standard brakes performed to your particular requirements?  Have you been able to make any improvements to them or looking for ideas to uprate them?  Discuss it here!
* FORUM: What do you find to be the best performing pads for your particular application? Discuss it here!


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General Comment:

Remarkably, Ford made no claim for the Fairmont or Fairmont Ghia for improved suspension specifications - leaving any pretensions of comfort to be taken up purely and simply by the seats (which by the way, were very good).  What that means is that the Fairmont Ghia had to put up with what was essentially exactly the same suspension system, spring and shock absorber rates as did the GLi.  Not that any of that should be a problem - with aftermarket choices being so wide now-days!


  • Double control arm with forward reaching tension rod.
  • Heavy guage pressed steel large upper control arm.
  • Drop forged lower control arm.
  • Short / Long Arm, Long Spindle (SLALS) component relationship.
  • Rubber control arm inner pivot bushes.
  • Single rate coil springs.
  • Twin tube telescopic shock absorbers with "coil over" spring / shock absorber mounting design.
  • Stabiliser bar.

* FORUMHave you been able to improve the NC II's suspension in any way? Discuss it here!
* FORUM:  What is the most effective mod you've made to your NC Fairlane's suspension? Discuss it here!
* FORUM:  Found a alignment expert who does wonders for your Falcon or have a particular set of non-factory alignment data that works particularly well?  Share it here!

Right: image shows ED front suspension fitted with ED Fairmont 15" 'turbo blade' alloy wheel.


  • Coil sprung live axil.
  • 4-link via trailing arms.
  • Watts Link.
  • Single rate coil springs.
  • Twin tube telescopic shock absorbers with "coil over" spring / shock absorber mounting design.
  • Stabilizer bar.
  • Rubber trailing arm pivot bushes.
  • Auto self-levelling rear suspension.


  • 'Heavy Duty' suspension consisting of heavy duty springs, heavy duty shock absorbers and increased rear ride height (approximately 20mm).  As part of this package, the rear stabilizer bar was deleted!!!
  • A 'Sports Suspension' option was available on ED Falcon sedans including stiffer front and rear springs, sports tuned shock absorbers and bushes as well as revised wheel alignment.
  • Air adjustable rear shock absorbers available as an option.

* FORUM: How do you rate the Falcon's load carrying ability & how have you improved yours?  Discuss it here!
* FORUM: What experiences have you had with different shock absorber brands &types - which are the best and which are the worst?

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  • New 15" x 6.5" JJ alloy wheels standard.  Fortunately, they were also one of the Fairlane's better choices over the years...
  • P205/65 HR15 steel belt radial ply tyres recommended with standard rims.
  • 16" x 7"  alloy wheels originally fitted with Michelin P225/50 ZR16 tyres optional on ED Fairmont GHIA (available only in conjunction with sports suspension option).

Above:  NC II optional 16" wheel 
- only available with 'touring' sports 
suspension option.

Above:  standard fitment & extremely attractive NC II Fairlane GHIA 
fitment 15" alloy wheels.

* FORUM: What has been your experience in the best tyres for your Fairlane?
* FORUM: If you have aftermarket wheels fitted, what offsets / widths did you use & how do you rate their functionality?

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  • Cruise control as standard meant that the NC II  Fairlane GHIA & other similar cruise-fitted Falcons missed out in the ED's new look steering wheel, having to make do with the not un-attractve previous steering wheel design.
  • Power assisted rack and pinion steering.
  • Steering column adjustable for rake & reach (see picture).
  • MOMO leather covered steering wheel standard.
  • Minimum turning circles - 11.4m vs. 11.0m (Falcon).

Right: Due to having cruise control standard, the NC II Fairlane GHIA received the 'old' style steering wheel.  This image shows the adjustment available in the Fairlane's steering column, enabling it to fit a variety of driver types & sizes.

* FORUM: Have you ever had any problems with your Fairlane's steering?  What was it & how did you fix it?  Discuss it here!

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  • Dual Tone Horns standard.
  • Childproof rear door locks.
  • ABS brakes standard.
  • Front inertia reel seat belts with lockers.
  • Rear inertia reel seat belts for all passengers.
  • Improved side impact protection - 30% ahead of ADR 29.
  • Plastic fuel tank (resistant to puncturing during an accident or due to metal fatigue - a common VN-VP Commodore & Statesman fault over rough territory)
  • Optional cabin fitted hand held fire-extinguisher - including mounting bracket.

Right:  Belt locker device minimises payout of seat belt webbing under extreme conditions..

* FORUM: What has been your experience in the best tyres for your Fairlane?  Discuss it here!
* FORUM: Ever had a serious 'out' in a NA, NC or NC II Fairlane?  How do you feel it performed in regards to occupant protection?  Add your comments here!

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  • Colours Available: Polynesian Green, Biscayne Blue, Cardinal Red, Platinum, Dynamic White, Black Pearl, Cobalt Blue.
  • Colours NOT available from the factory: Stark White, Le Mans Red, Quartz, Reef Green, Sandstone, Magenta.
  • Body coloured front bumper lower edge extension (valance).
  • Metallic paint standard with non-metallic paints available as a no-cost option.
  • Remote boot lid release.
  • Remote fuel filler door release
  • Improved side impact protection - 30% ahead of ADR 29 and partly responsible for the ED's overall weight increase.
  • Improved roof crush protection (carried over from EBII) via epoxy resin reinforcement of both A & B pilliars and thicker front and side glass - now able to withstand a 3 tonne load.
  • Body VIN codes permanently marked on major body components.
  • Optional body styling kit including side skirts, front and rear bibs attached to the lower extremities of the bumper bars as well as a raised deck lid spoiler - available on sedan only.
  • Optional low-line boot lid spoiler.  Independent of body kit.
  • Optional clear plastic bonnet leading edge protector to guard against stone chips.
  • 1608kg kerb weight.

Above: The NC II Fairlane GHIA, like every Fairlane before it was only available in one body configuration.  Any Fairlane hearse was built using a Falcon wagon as a foundation!  Note the typical 90's Australian suburban architecture in the background!

* FORUM: What detail observations (other than the obvious styling related ones) have you made on the differences between the ED & EA, EB?  Ever bought something off of one of these models thinking 'it should be the same' but isn't?  Add your experience HERE!

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Exterior (mm)

Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Front track
Rear track
Front overhang
Rear overhang

(figures in brackets are Falcon equivalents)

5220 (4811)
1420 (1399)
1857 (same)
2921 (2794)
1566 (1554)
1545 (1533)
1041 (878)
1258 (1139)

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  • Tail lights extended into the boot lid appliqué panel.
  • Body coloured door handles & mirrors.
  • Chrome grill alternating with painted silver bands, attached to the front of a uniquely styled Fairlane & LTD bonnet.
  • Body coloured front and rear bumpers including uppers (grey previously).
  • Body coloured wide body side protection moulding.
  • Silver / chrome strip insert in bumpers & body side protection moulding.
  • Chrome exhaust tip standard.
  • ABS decal under 'FAIRLANE' badge on rear.
  • Chrome rear number plate header bar & painted silver surround.
  • Reversing lamps next to the rear number plate (incorporated in the boot lid appliqué )
  • Pin stripe standard along body line.
  • Ghia crests on both front guards and on the centre of the boot lid (NOT on the boot lid attached badge, as our header suggests!).


   * FORUM: Did we miss anything?  Add it HERE!

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  • Electric Windows in all four doors - centrally located switches located in centre consol, including a lock-out button to prevent children from using power windows in rear.
  • Separately mounted electric window switches in back side doors.
  • Fold-away (to avoid damage) electric remote operated exterior rear view mirrors on each side - body coloured painted shell.
  • Prismatic day/night interior rear view mirror.
  • Twin dual jet windscreen washers.
  • Two speed front windscreen wipers with intermittent setting (fixed delay period) and demand wipe feature giving one-touch control for single sweep wiping..
  • Rear window demist with timed automatic off feature.
  • Rear window 'ceramic' sunshade - painted bands at the top standard.
  • Cloth covered sunvisors with passenger vanity mirror.
  • Full-tint laminated windscreen with extra dark tinted band at top.
  • Factory tinted side and rear glass.
  • A "German manufactured" sunroof was available as an extra cost option when new featuring tilt vent operation as well as full retraction slide away - also included was an automatic pop-up wind deflector.
  • Optional "Aero Profile" rear sunshade constructed of dark grey translucent acrylic.
  • Aerodynamic front windscreen sunshade optional.
  • Exterior fitted rear windscreen louver optional.
  • Optional front side weather shields in clear acrylic.

* FORUMWhat tint level do you have, which company did you use & how satisfied have you been with it?  Add your experiences here!

Right: ED Fairmont Ghia consol shown - grey plastic areas trimmed in Leather in NC II Fairlane Ghia.

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Below: Shown on the ED Falcon GLi, the optional side weather shields in clear acrylic were available for the Fairlane Ghia and were quite a popular fitment item...


  • Unique Fairlane & LTD glass fronted rectangular ellipsoid projector headlights with integrated indicators and park lamps (clear turn signal lenses).
  • High mounted auxiliary stop light.
  • Unique Fairlane & LTD tail lights extending right across boot lid stopping only at the number plate recess.
  • Reversing lamps next to the rear number plate (incorporated in the boot lid appliqué panel)
  • NOTE Special 'towing' turn-signal flasher fitted to vehicles fitted with tow-bar.

* FORUMHow do you rate the NC II Fairlane's headlights, to what have you compared them & and what have you done to upgrade them?

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  • Optional Car Alarm (dealer fitted option)
  • "Smart Lock" electronic immobilization and remote-keyless entry system.
  • Central locking.
  • 'Tibbe' high security locking system on doors, ignition lock, and boot lid.
  • Recessed door lock buttons.
  • 'Strengthened' steering column lock housing.
  • Lockable glove box (low security - as it is only as good as it's plastic lid)
  • Body VIN codes permanently marked on major body components.
  • Optional smart-lock integrated car alarm.

* FORUM: Have you ever had a late model Falcon, Fairlane or LTD broken into or stolen?  How did they gain entry, and what was broken / stolen?

Right:  Standard Falcon remote & Tibbe key.

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  • Air conditioning standard - CFC free - also bringing increased performance vs. Fairlane's with EB I level A/C.
  • Automatic Climate Control with 10-speed fan boosted ventilation with both front footwell and rear seat ducts (incorporated into the back of the centre consol) and air conditioning control.
  • 2 air outlets each side of the dash.
  • 2 air outlets located centrally within the dash.
  • 2 air outlets located within the rear of the center consol.
  • Ergonomically located easy-to-reach fan & climate adjust controls right next to steering wheel (LHS).
  • Standard tint in windows (albeit minimal).

Right: The Fairlane's conveniently mounted climate control centre included the important words "CFC free" for the first time in Fairlane history when the EB II came to town!

* FORUM: What have you had fail on your NC II Fairlane's heating / cooling system, what did you do to fix it & how much did it cost?

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  • Alpine Premium Sound System - 260 Watt output AM/FM stereo inc radio/cassette with:
    • 9 individual 'dynamic' speaker elements, including satellite tweeters and sub-woofer.
    • Dolby.
    • joystick fader / balance control.
    • auto reverse.
    • music search.
    • auto scan memory.
    • storage and security code.
    • Digital clock included in radio/cassette unit.
  • Power antenna standard.
  • Boot mounted 6 CD stacker optional.
  • Power antenna standard.

  * FORUM:  With such a large range of aftermarket options out there, what did you use in your NC II Fairlane & how do you rate it?
  * FORUMHow do you rate the Fairlane's standard audio system against other vehicles you've driven or owned?


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  • Luxury digital instrumentation pack  - with large digital speedometer reading.
  • Speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, fuel guage & water temperature guage standard in addition to the above.
  • WARNING LIGHTS: High beam, rear window demist on, turn signal / hazard light, alternator fail, lights on, park-brake on, washer fluid low, radiator coolant low, cruise control indicator, car outline diagram (door ajar) and low oil pressure.
  • AUDIBLE WARNING CHIMES: low fuel, lights on, low alternator charge, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and brake failure.
  • Trip Computer standard featuring fuel consumption figures, distance to empty, average speed & time display.

* FORUM: Have you had any problems with your NC II Fairlane's instrument cluster & how did you overcome it?
* FORUM: List your custom modifications here!  How did you do it & what did you do?
* FORUM: How do you rate the accuracy & ease-of-use of your Fairlane's digital instrument cluster?

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  DRIVER CONTROLS     (those not already listed under instrumentation)
  • Cruise Control Standard with steering wheel mounted operation buttons & disengagement whenever brake, clutch or "off" switch are activated.
  • Cruise Control featuring all of the above components was also available at the time for retro-fitting by your local Ford dealer.
  • Driver's left foot rest.

  * FORUM: Have you had an aftermarket cruise control unit fitted, and what is your overall opinion of it?
* FORUM: How reliable has the Fairlane's Cruise Control been for you, and what fixes have been required?

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  • Doors trimmed in velour with 'Shadow' velour insert, topped with timber ('blackbean') dress panels.
  • Cloth covered sunvisors with passenger vanity mirror.
  • Moulded cloth covered headlining.
  • Carpeted passenger & luggage compartment floor.
  • Carpet covered map pockets on front door trims standard.

.* FORUM: What pieces of your interior have you had wear first?

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  • Adjustable (removable) head rests on both front seats AND in two outboard positions on rear.
  • Fold-down centre armrest included in back seat upright
  • Sports seats trimmed in velour with  'Shadow' velour inserts.
  • Driver and front passenger fore and aft seat adjustment & infinitely adjustable recline.
  • Driver's seat features manual lumbar support and seat base height adjustments.
  • 87mm more leg-room than Falcon for rear seat passengers.
  • Map pockets behind seat front seat uprights.
  • 60/40 split fold rear seat.
  • Removable, adjustable see-through leather wrapped head rests in all four seating positions (excluding center rear)..
  • Integrated entry-assist overhead grab handles.
  • Map pockets behind seat front seat uprights.
  • Removable, adjustable  head rests in all four seating positions (excluding center rear).
  • Bench front seat not available on Fairlane GHIA.


* FORUM: How do you rate the comfort & longevity factor of the standard Fairlane's seats - front and rear?  Have you had to make any repairs, and if so, what and how much did it cost?
* FORUM: What do you find to be the best way to care for the Fairlane's velour interior?

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  • Large leather trimmed centre consol with deep lidded storage bin (padded lid doubles as arm-rest) and two additional open storage pockets.  Consol includes mounting of switches for electric windows for all four doors.
  • Stitched centre consol lid cover.

  • Black centre consol forward pocket liner.

  • Map pockets behind seat front seat uprights.
  • Carpeted door map pockets on front doors only.
  • 60/40 split fold rear seat upright allowing direct access to the boot in non-LPG fitted sedans.
  • Door mounted rear ashtrays.
  • Illuminated front cigar lighter and ash-tray.
  • Overhead interior coat hooks standard.


Interior (mm)

Front head room
Front leg room
Front shoulder room
Front hip room
Rear head room
Rear leg room
Rear shoulder room
Rear hip room

(figures in brackets are Falcon dimensions)

977 (975)
1080 (same)
1527 (same)
1475 (same)
985 (975)
1075 (988)
1515 (same)
1245 (same)

* FORUM: What interior storage options do you wish your Fairlane had that it does not currently?
* FORUM: Rate the Fairlane's interior storage against other cars you've owned...
* FORUM: What interior storage options have you managed to add to increase the functionality of your Fairlane's interior?


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  • Illuminated entry system.
  • Additional lamps for ignition lock & map reading.
  • Illuminated front and rear cigar lighters and ash-trays.
  • Illuminated glove-box.
  • Interior light with twin spot lamps.
  • Rear reading lamps.
  • Front and rear footwell lamps.

* FORUM: Interior lighting provides a great place for you to show your custom flair - what tricks have you used & how much did they cost?
Have you had one of those annoying interior lights that keeps on blowing globes?  Which one was it and how did you end up fixing it?

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  • Luggage capacity - sedan 481L vs. Falcon's 453L (when no aftermarket LPG fitted).
  • Sedan boot lamp.
  • Remote boot lid release.
  • 60/40 split fold rear seat upright to allow large items to be fitted retaining use of part of the back seat (LPG tank voids purpose for this).

* FORUM: What's the largest item you've managed to fit into your Fairlane without damaging the interior or boot?
* FORUM: Cargo wish list - what do you wish your Fairlane had that it currently doesn't?

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  Towing Options available when new:

  • 1200kg rated tow pack.
  • 2300kg rated tow pack.

  Each 'Tow Pack' consisted of the following:

  • Tow bar.
  • Hitch and / or ball mount.
  • Wiring harness with 'flat' 7-pin electrical connector.
  • Special 'towing' turn-signal flasher.
  • Supplementary transmission cooler (automatic transmissions only)
  • Heavy duty brake pads (where not fitted as standard).
  • Hayman Reese towbar & load distributing hitch for 2300kg kits.

  Other Towing related considerations:

  • Despite opinions to the contrary, Ford's own advertising brochures showed pictures of an automatic gearbox auxiliary oil cooler with these words printed directly underneath: "Transmission oil cooler.  Helps avoid overheating and possible transmission damage.  Essential for towing with auto transmissions."  You've been warned!

Above: Hayman Reece towbar & load spreader as optional on NC II Fairlane's 2300kg tow kit.

Above: Standard 1200kg tow pack 'tongue'.

Above: An NC II Fairlane Ghia in it's native element - horses ready to go...funnily enough, in this image somebody forgot to add the tow bar in place!  Maybe Ford just wasn't brave enough to say it...

* FORUM: What towing experiences have you had - good & bad?
* FORUM: How do you rate the Fairlane's towing ability to other cars you've owned?
* FORUM: What sorts of things have you done to improve your Fairlane's already impressive towing ability?

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